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Independent Judges

Independent Judges

Independent Judges, Auditors and Observers

The involvement of an independent third party will help achieve brand integrity and is recommended in the voluntary CAP Code, adding credibility and conveying a professional, responsible image.

Enable will:

  • Review all parties and ensure they are fully capable of fulfilling their role effectively
  • Evaluate all procedures and systems
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Produce an audit report with analysis and recommendations
  • Present a Certificate of Independence, once guidelines, trading standards and consumer body standards have been met

The presence of an independent third party is beneficial on a number of fronts:

  • It conveys credibility and projects a professional image
  • It is an excellent defence tool should the promotion be questioned or challenged
  • It provides an extra set of 'neutral eyes' that can help improve existing security procedures

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Get It Right
Independent Judges

Poorly executed promotional marketing campaigns can fall foul of the law raising the wrath of consumers, social media sites and the press, not to mention the courts and industry bodies.

  What We Do
Independent Judges

We can help you control and implement digital promotional marketing campaigns, judge competitions, undertake prize draws, supply and manage unique codes, project manage instant win promotions and carry out independent audits, ensuring everything is implemented smoothly and without problems to the satisfaction of consumer and trade bodies.

  Legal, Fair, Honest
Independent Judges

A well-run promotional marketing campaign requires: security to protect special data or information, compliance with the Code and the law, logistical awareness so that everything can happen correctly, data analysis for control and monitoring coupled with the experience of implementation.

  Avoid Mistakes
Independent Judges

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but some are made more often than others. If you can avoid some of these pitfalls then you'll go some way to minimise the risk of your promotional marketing operational management going wrong.
Take a look at our checklist.

Independent Judges
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Independent Judges