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Enable has judged hundreds of competitions for clients over the years and can act as part of a panel or as an independent auditor, as well as monitoring the judging process as a whole.

  • If postal entries, who will receive them, where and how will they be stored?
  • Who will open them all, perhaps sorting them in to groups?
  • Think through exactly how the judging process will work such as how all the judges will be able to view all the entries will they do so all together or remotely
  • Identify and arrange an approved judging panel including appropriate experts
  • Ensure criteria for judging entries are clearly thought through, fair and reasonable
  • Establish how entries will be marked and ranked and records kept
  • Brief the judging panel on requirements and expectations

Online Judging Tool

Judging mechanics are often being used in competitions online, often post voting, similar to the traditional method of a panel judging entries in a secure room. An online environment can allow access to submitted entries and judging can be undertaken remotely. The key benefits are that traditional judging methods are maintained, such as scoring and ranking, but with the added digital benefits of results calibration and reporting all in one easy to use tool.

With the use of personality judges and brand judges, time is a key consideration and most of the time cost, so ease of access to entries via an online judging environment ensures an easy, secure and simple way of judging via many platforms, such as iPads, Macs, PCs, mobiles and much more.

It is important that all judging tools and entries are calibrated. The online judging environment should assist with recording time of judging, judge information, score, rank, comments and calibration result.

Judging considerations

  • Consider judging criteria carefully
  • Ensure criteria is set out in the Terms and Conditions
  • Moderate data prior to judging to ensure time is spent on genuine and acceptable entries.
  • Provide support, advice and guides as to how to judge
  • Security is paramount

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Get It Right

Poorly executed promotional marketing campaigns can fall foul of the law raising the wrath of consumers, social media sites and the press, not to mention the courts and industry bodies.

  What We Do

We can help you control and implement digital promotional marketing campaigns, judge competitions, undertake prize draws, supply and manage unique codes, project manage instant win promotions and carry out independent audits, ensuring everything is implemented smoothly and without problems to the satisfaction of consumer and trade bodies.

  Legal, Fair, Honest

A well-run promotional marketing campaign requires: security to protect special data or information, compliance with the Code and the law, logistical awareness so that everything can happen correctly, data analysis for control and monitoring coupled with the experience of implementation.

  Avoid Mistakes

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but some are made more often than others. If you can avoid some of these pitfalls then you'll go some way to minimise the risk of your promotional marketing operational management going wrong.
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